Hospitality hiring – Netherlands Update

Last week, there were some new announcements from the Dutch government which finally provides a little positive news for hospitality people seeking work in the Netherlands.

From the 1st June, the hospitality sector (bars and restaurants) will be reopening. There will be some major restrictions including, only allowing a maximum of 30 people in any single building and maintaining a 1.5 metre distance between table. Terraces and gardens will also be open without restrictions on the amount of people present however, the 1.5 metre distance rule must be respected here too.

Travelling to the Netherlands will still present a challenge for many but, more options are beginning to become available. KLM have announced that they will be opening more flight routes to and from European cities over the coming weeks.

There are still many details which we are waiting to understand more clearly. It could be possible that people entering the country will need to provide a certificate of health for example.

Our partners in the Netherlands are currently contacting restaurants, parks and hotels to discuss their future needs and we’ll let you know their progress over the coming weeks.

Our initial discussions indicate that the demand for wait staff might be quite low at the beginning but cooks and chefs will be in demand. We also understand that several locations will be interested to hire night porters/clerks so, if you have any friends or colleagues with experience in this area, they are welcome to get in touch. We are going to add the position to our website during today.

In the meantime, we hope that you are all staying safe and well and we hope that we will be able to contact you with more positive news in the near future.

New Address

We´ve got a new address. From today, you can find our office on Spálená 21.


Comparison of living costs in European capitals

If you are thinking about changing jobs and moving to another city or country, working out the cost of living compared to the salary offered is often a challenge. You can find informaton about basic costs of living in Prague in our previous article here.

We decided to create a follow up article comparing the living costs and prices in four European capitals in Prague, Bratislava, Berlin and Paris.


Comparison of Accomoditaion expences in Prague Bratislava Berlin and Paris


‚Cost of Living‘ is the basic amount of money that you will need to be able to live (it includes, food, accomodation and so on). Apartment rental is normally the largest cost, in your cost of living basket. We compare average costs of accomodation in the following graph. Prices are based upon a relatively central location. In Prague, and most other locations, you can save money by living outside the centre and using public transport to get to the centre. In Prague, this can be done quite easily thanks to the very reliable, low cost public transport infrastruture (an unlimited use one month public transport pass costs 550CZK)


food and drink comparison prague bratislava berlin paris


Prices of basic products in supermarkets are generally lower in the Prague than in neighbouring countries. But what is the price of restaurant lunches or the legendary Czech beer?

Lunch menus range from 100 to 150 CZK. Beer is about 30 CZK. There are also many great cafes in Prague offering very good quality coffee. Most cafe’s have free wifi allowing your to surf and slurp, or work in a relaxing location.


Local guide tip: Czech beer is famous all over the world, but try some of the less well known brands. The Czech Republic is home to an ever expanding market of micro-breweries and craft beer pubs where beer produced at high quality and low cost.

Krkonošská Hospůdka:
Klášterní pivovar:
Illegal Bar:



Do you go swimming in the mornings or visit the cinema every Thursday? There are many Prague swimming pools offering indoor and outdoor swimming for the public. You can expect to pay 100 to 150 CZK for a 2-hour visit. Cinema tickets cost an average of 150-170 CZK. Most cinemas show new movies in their original language with Czech Subtitles.

Local guide tip: Prague has a lot of multiplex cinemas but for an alternative experience, try to find some of Prague‘s smaller cinemas offering an interesting program mostly in the film’s orginal language, in unique classic cinema buildings and courtyards.

Kino Aero:
Bio Oko:
Kino Lucerna:


As you have noticed, living costs in Prague are lower than in other European capitals. Salaries are lower too in a lot of cases. In conclusion, we compared the average net wages in Prague, Berlin, Bratislava and Paris.


Net salary comparison Prague Bratislava Berlin Paris


Prague is a great place to live, if you’d like to experience it, the choice is yours!

You can find the available multilingual vacancies under the Jobs tab or right here in the link. 

The current state of the Czech labor market

The Labor Office of the Czech Republic recorded a total of 231 565 job seekers and 309 996 vacancies. A total of 220,322 vacancies were suitable for foreigners.


In comparison with other EU countries, the Czech Republic had the lowest unemployment rate across the EU (EUROSTAT data June 2018). the following data is from the Czech Labor Office.

Total of 220,322 vacancies were suitable for foreigners



Job Vacancies Czech republic, Labour office, suitable for foreigners


The current labour market is mainly influenced by the growth of the Czech economy coupled with the limited available local workforce. Increased industry and manufacturing and seasonal jobs are also a factor in producing increased job opportunities. State support for job creation known as Active Employment Policy (APZ) has also contributed to a higher level of employment opportunities. In the short to mid term, low unemployment levels are predicted to remain.


231 565 job seekers and 309 996 vacancies.


According to the Czech labour office, total unemployment in the Czech Republic rose slightly to 3.1% (compared to 2.9% in June 2018). This figure is still well below the unemployment rate 2017 – recorded unemployment in July last year was 4.1%.

The slight increase in unemployment can be explained in part by the annual entry of university graduates onto the labour market. Typically, companies in the Czech Republic reduce their hiring activity during the summer due to vacations slowing down interview processes.


job vacancies, prague joboffer, labour office, statistics job vacancies czech republic


The largest volume of open vacancies are in Prague (62,284).


In June, the Czech Statistical Office recorded a total of 309,996 open vacancies, which is 8,480 more than in June and 121,930 more than the end of 2017. The largest volume of open vacancies are in Prague (62,284), Central Bohemia (41,565) , Plzeň (32,697), Pardubice (32,266) and North Moravia  (24,703) regions.




The highest demand for employees is in technical positions such as IT and Engineering. For foreigners, roles are open in a wide range of different areas, including finance and accouting, customer relations, operational roles such as sales and procurement, educational (especially language teaching) alongside tech roles in IT, engineering and manufacturing.


data: The Labour office of the Czech republic

How to write a Cover Letter – 5 basic advices

How to write a Cover Letter

according to recruiting experts


Cover letter advices

Updates to General Data Protection Policy

In accordance with Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the training of data subjects (GDPR), here follows our personal data protection statement.

I. Personal Data Manager

Dorset Management s.r.o., Prague 3, K Lucinam 2461/3, 130 00, registered company ID: 24692336, (the “Administrator”) hereby informs you in accordance with Article 12 of the GDPR act about the processing of your personal data and your rights.

II. Scope of processing of personal data

Personal data is processed to the extent that the data subject has provided the The Administrator in connection with the conclusion of a contractual or other legal relationship with the trustee or which the controller has collected otherwise and processes them in accordance with the applicable legal regulations or to fulfill the statutory obligations of the trustee or on the basis of the informed consent of the data subject.

III. Sources of personal data

• directly from data subjects (emails, phone, chat, web site, contact form on the web, social networks, business cards, etc.)

• in isolated cases also publicly accessible registers, lists and records (eg business register, trade register, company web presentations, public telephone directory, etc.)

IV. Categories of personal data that are being processed

• address and identification data used for the unambiguous and unambiguous identification of the data subject (eg name, surname, title, or birth number, date of birth, permanent address, ID, VAT number) and contact data contact address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and other similar information)

• Descriptive data

• other data necessary for performance of the contract

• data provided in excess of the applicable laws processed within the framework of the consent given by the data subject (primarily for the purpose of job mediation)

V. Use of Personal Data

The use of personal data is always in accordance with the reason for the assembly or other legal claims.

VI. Time of processing of personal data

In accordance with the deadlines set out in the relevant contracts, the administrator’s record and retention order, or the relevant legislation, it is the time necessary to ensure the rights and obligations flowing from both the obligation relationship and the applicable law and consent to the processing of data.

VII. Security of personal data

Administrator takes care of personal data protection. Personal information is protected against unauthorized use, access or disclosure.

VIII. Changes to privacy policy statements

Dorset Management s.r.o. reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy Privacy Policy occasionally. Each review will show the “last update” date.

IX. Contact

For privacy inquiries, contact the following contacts:


Prague, May 14, 2018

We’re going to Profesia Days 2017!

We’re looking forward to being at the Profesia Days 2017 event in Prague tomorrow and Thursday. We’ll be giving advice on creating CVs in English language. Everyone is welcome!

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Great day at the Brno Job Fair!

We had an amazing day on Saturday at the job fair. Thanks to all the amazing people that came to talk to us! For people in Prague, we’re also going to the Jobspin Job Fair this Saturday (21st October). Come along and say hi! For more details, go to:

Thanks also to our buddy Paul Myers from People Matter for coming along and helping out.

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Prices in Prague – Cost of living

If you’re considering relocation to Prague, finding out how much living here costs can often be a real challenge. If you’re moving here for a job or a lifestyle change, understanding how far your finances will stretch is extremely important.

We’ve put together this guide to prices in Prague covering basic needs such as shopping, rent and housing prices along with social activities. We’ve tried to create an average using several sources where possible of course, prices do vary in different shops, areas and so on. Continue reading